Pan-Frying the Perfect Steak

Pan-Fried For Fuller Flavor

SY Porterhouse Pan-Fried Steak

When anyone thinks of meat, their first impression is usually a sizzling steak cooked to perfection and served on a plate alongside green beans, corn, or potatoes. From farmhouse favorites like chicken fried steak to fancier dishes such as steak au poivre or  steak tartare, it is the one cut of beef that everyone loves.

At Stock Yards, we know steak. From premium collections of various cuts to individual selections such as USDA Prime Porterhouse Steaks, our selection speaks for itself. Buying the best cuts is one thing, however, cooking them is another thing entirely.

No Grill? No Problem

SY New York Strip Dry Aged

Choose your cut first. Rib-eye requires a bit more finesse and attention to avoid flare-ups from fat sizzling or catching fire, while tenderloin cooks much faster than other steaks due to its low fat content.

Once you’re ready, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Pat your steak dry with a paper towel- allow for no standing moisture or juices on the surface.
  2. Season your steak with your preferred blend- many chefs prefer purely salt, or salt and pepper. Others prefer special blends including coffee grounds, garlic, paprika, or other spices.
  3. Allow the steak to “rest” at room temperature for an hour or two. This allows the meat to settle, the spices and seasonings to soak in and add more flavor, and brings the steak to a good temperature for cooking.
  4. Use a stainless steel or cast iron skillet, add in oil (preferable olive oil) and put over high heat until the oil starts smoking.
  5. Put your steak in the skillet (be careful of any bubbling, popping oil, it can burn!)
  6. Flip frequently, and measure the internal temperature of your steak with a meat thermometer. 110° to 130° is fully cooked, depending on your preference for rare or well done. Depending on the thickness of your cut, this could take between 6 and 12 minutes of cooking.
  7. Add in additional flavors by melting butter or adding additional herbs during cooking.
  8. Once the steak is fully cooked, take it off the heat, put it on a plate and tent it with foil.
  9. Allow it to sit 5-10 minutes and then serve.

With these simple steps you can wow guests and please your family and friends. No grill is necessary when you have the secret to perfectly pan-fried steak!

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