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Spring Salads to Serve with Steak

There’s nothing quite like cutting into a slab of deliciously juicy steak, sizzled to perfection. While the steak may be the star of the dinner show, the “extras” are just as important! Pairing your steak with the perfect spring salad will turn your meal into a festival of flavor jam-packed with freshness. has a […]

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Chimichurri Sauce Recipe

Slather your steak in a savory sauce that will wow guests and make taste buds sing! Chimichurri sauce originated in Argentina, but lucky for us, this delicious blend of flavor-packed herbs and spices has made it way all the way to our plates for us to indulge in and enjoy. As with many recipes, you […]

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Restaurants That Use Stock Yards Steaks

Stock Yards may be known for its exceptional steak, delivered right to your doorstep, but did you know that you can also get our famous cuts in restaurants throughout the U.S? Here are 12 restaurants that serve the quality assured Stock Yards steak – that’s one protein-packed road trip! Lawry’s Lawry’s may be famous for […]

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