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Napa Asian Salad

Wonderfully crunchy with a fresh taste, this salad makes a great side to serve with Shish Kabobs (made with Stock Yards tenderloin cubes) or steaks.  Alternatively, you can top the salad with grilled slices of our skinless chicken breasts.  With grilled chicken,  the salad becomes a meal.   Napa Asian Salad Recipe Make the Dressing […]

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Mary’s Simple Horseradish Sauce

Chateaubriand, or Filet Mignon roast, is my go to meal for a dinner party.  It is beautiful, elegant, and easy to prepare.  It’s an absolutely perfect choice for someone like me who wants doesn’t want to be slaving away in the kitchen when family and friend are near. Another plus is that the roast generally […]

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Surf and Turf Steak and Lobster

Summer Grilling

Stock Yards Summer Grilling Tips During the hot summer months, it seems like the grill becomes our best friend so we can avoid turning on our ovens indoors! Suddenly, you’re grilling every meal and side from vegetables, kabobs, juicy steaks and anything you think would look great with some grill marks. Since you’re spending so […]

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Drink Pairings

Planning the perfect dinner is no longer just about food, it’s about presenting the ultimate gourmet experience. Creating a fine meal is both an art and a science that requires knowledge of robust flavors, hidden notes, and bringing forth the best blend. We believe that every part of your dish should be of the highest […]

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beef wellington appetizer

Appetizers and Sides

We’ve all been there. Normally when planning dinner, any appetizer or side is made as an afterthought to your main dish, only meant to stand as filler to whichever meal you’ve prepared. No one expects those French green beans to steal the show or for anyone to rave about the steamed carrots. But if you […]

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raw meat stock yards

USDA Grading

Learn how to shop for the best quality steaks using official USDA standards. –          USDA Prime –          USDA Choice –          USDA Select Always look for this grading when buying premium meat.  If you don’t see an official USDA certified stamp on your delivery, and one of these grades, then it’s likely […]

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Father’s Day

 Summer is here and Father’s Day is fast approaching!  We can’t think of a better father’s day gift than to stock Dad’s freezer with premium grilling favorites for the summer. Whether Dad is a food connoisseur or just enjoys a fun summer barbeque, we know he’s going to love our many steak, grilling and butcher […]

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Mini Cheesecake

Perfect Endings

  We know better than most that a savory dinner can only be complete after one thing: an equally magnificent dessert! One of our favorite desserts are our Cheesecake Singles. These adorable, single serving cheesecakes are a delightful twist on a classic favorite. Each cheesecake single is made with the finest pure vanilla, rich cream […]

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