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Ignite the Senses Wine and Filet Mignon Gift Set

An Easy-to-Follow Guide to Food and Wine Pairings

So you just made a delicious gourmet meal for your dinner party, and you want to serve it up to your guests with the perfect wine … but you have no idea where to start! There are so many possible flavor combinations that finding the perfect pairing may seem like a daunting task. But the […]

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Champagne Sauce for Salmon

5 Valentine’s Day Recipes to Make With Your Stock Yards Meats

Skip the impossible-to-get restaurant reservations, the unbearably long waiting times and the jacked-up menu prices. This Valentine’s Day, enjoy a romantic gourmet dinner for two in the comforts of your own home instead. Just select one of Stock Yards’ many top-quality meats and get inspired by these recipes from the experts at our sister site […]

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Holiday Steak Dinner

Create the Perfect Holiday Dinner With the 12 Deals of Christmas

Cooking a holiday dinner for the whole family can get pretty expensive, but that shouldn’t keep you from serving up an exquisite gourmet meal. That’s why Stock Yards has decided to shower you with gifts for each of the 12 days of Christmas! Pick your favorite deal before December 31 and start making the holiday […]

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Quote of the Day

“Big, bad red steakhouse wines pair perfectly with steaks: The salt smoothes the “edge,” the protein softens the “bite,” and the fat erases the “bark.” Filet mignon doesn’t have a lot of fat, so I’d pair one with older wines like Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Chianti. A porterhouse has more fat, so it’s more about […]

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