Grilling Guide for Steakburger Perfection

SY SteakBurger & Fries

It’s time to forget ground beef patties, because there’s a new burger in town. Steakburgers combine the finger-food nature of hamburgers with the rich delicacy of prime steak. However, unlike ground beef patties, steakburgers require a much more careful touch on the grill to get them just right.

SY SteakBurger Raw

With ground beef, most of the fat is located internally, unlike steak where it tends to be ringed around the edges or (if you’re buying higher-quality meat) marbled throughout. Even with steak ground and shredded to make burger patties, this means the fat is distributed differently, and if you’re not used to cooking them, your steakburger can end up dangerously under-cooked inside. To get the most out of your meat, you’ll need a grill that you can easily control the temperature on- preferably gas or propane; as well as a meat thermometer.

SY SteakBurger Cooked

With a steakburger, you want that perfectly-seared exterior, juicy interior, and full-flavor of steak with every bite. To get that just right, you have to cook low and slow, like you would a roast. More than that, though, you need to control what temperatures you grill at. Set your steakburgers right above the flame, starting at around 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Rather than searing a burger immediately – which, contrary to popular belief, does not “lock in” moisture – we use a method of “reverse searing” to slowly bring the temperature up, browning the burger and getting that caramelized flavor on the outside at around 300 degrees Fahrenheit near the end of the cook, ensuring the burger is cooked perfectly throughout.

When it’s all said and done, cooked properly, a steakburger is the perfect mixture of prime meat and portability. Easy to eat bun-in-hand like a hamburger, but the gourmet touch of your favorite Porterhouse or New York strip steak. Garnished with the perfect cheese, sauce, and other condiments, you’ll never need to hit up a fast food joint again the next time you’re hankering for a burger.



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