9 Simple Tips For Having a Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner at Home

Valentine’s Day 2015 is on a Saturday! So instead of taking your special someone to an over-crowded restaurant with long waits and small spaces, cook up (or order in) your own romantic Valentine’s Day menu for a celebration the two of you won’t soon forget.

vday-candleSet the scene with candles. Dim the lights and light several candles around the room instead to create a romantic setting. We love this fun and festive DIY music candle from Celebrations.com which uses the sheet music from your favorite Valentine’s Day song to keep that romantic flame burning.

Make it magical with music. The music candle simple isn’t enough; prepare a romantic playlist beforehand or find one on your favorite music streaming service. Keep the volume low enough for easy conversation, but loud enough to keep any silences feeling romantic.

Say it with serveware. This is a special occasion, so bring out the fancy china! Get inspired with these Valentine’s Day tablescapes. You may even want to consider looking up some fun tutorials on napkin folding – just a bit of extra effort can really go a long way!

Skip the dishes – for now. Rinse your dishes off quickly with water and leave them in the sink. Instead, focus on spending some quality time with you valentine and ensuring the rest of the night goes as smoothly as dinner did.

vday-steakKeep dinner light.
 Skip the foods that leave you feeling heavy and bloated, and serve foods that will keep you satiated and energized. Protein-packed foods like steak will keep the energy flowing without the heavy crash that come from foods like pastas.

Yet make the food presentation “hearty.” No matter what you choose to serve, put a festive twist on by making it “hearty”… with hearts! Get inspired with these heart-shaped foods, grab a heart cookie cutter and get creative.

Hide away all distractions. It’s no secret that quality time these days are filled with constant distractions. Make your Valentine’s Day dinner a “no-phone” zone. The only things the two of you should be paying attention to are the food, conversation, and of course – each other.

Timing is everything. Take the time to plan everything out. Make sure your food is ready about 15 minutes before you plan to consume it; if thawing any desserts or meats, be sure you give yourself enough time. It may be helpful to make a to-do list a few days prior.

Enlist help with the kids. Realistically, it’s difficult to have a romantic dinner for two with the children around. Enlist help from Grandma or hire a babysitter to take them out to the movies for the night!

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