Beyond the Turkey: A Savory Thanksgiving Menu to Complement Your Bird

Your Thanksgiving Turkey is sure to wow, so make sure the rest of your meal is just as impressive and savory as the star of the show.

With help from entertaining gurus, we’ve put together a full course dinner to complement that amazing turkey.


Put a hearty and meaty twist on a classic appetizer with these Bacon Gorgonzola Deviled Eggs recipe! This colorful dish is sure to keep guests satiated while awaiting the main course.

Side Dish

Vegetables like you’ve never had them before, guests are sure to devour these Pear & Blue Cheese Roasted Brussels Sprouts. Serve as a separate side or bed underneath a hearty meat dish (like your turkey).

For a fun finger food both adults and kids will love, be sure to check out our Savory Pumpkin Fries recipe.

Pumpkin Fries


Turkey and stuffing go together like PB&J! Put a hearty spin on this must-have dish with this Andouille Sausage Stuffing recipe. The best part? This recipe is gluten-free to satisfy guests with different dietary needs.


Pumpkin pie is a MUST at your Thanksgiving celebration, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to the same age-old recipe! Put a creative (and delicious) twist on your dish with this Pumpkin Pie Dessert Lasagna (yes, you read that right) recipe.


Keep the spirits high with a classic and cool cocktail that all guests over the drinking age will love, like this Honey Rosemary Bourbon drink, which includes a recipe for a must-try infused simple syrup.

Bonus: Not Sure What To Do With Your Leftovers?

Turn those leftovers into something delicious new! Get the recipe for this Thanksgiving Leftover Quesadilla.

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