Spring Salads to Serve with Steak

There’s nothing quite like cutting into a slab of deliciously juicy steak, sizzled to perfection. While the steak may be the star of the dinner show, the “extras” are just as important!

Pairing your steak with the perfect spring salad will turn your meal into a festival of flavor jam-packed with freshness. Celebrations.com has a selection of must-try spring salad recipes you’re sure to love; here are some of our favorites!

Spring Citrus Salad

Spring Salads to Serve with Steak

Add a burst of refreshing citrus to your menu with this fresh spring citrus salad recipe! The mixture of sweet citrus flavor paired with a savory shallot infused dressing makes for one mouth-watering dish.

Tomato Salad with Grilled Cheese Croutons

Spring Salads to Serve with Steak

Traditional tomato salad gets a flavor-packed makeover when you toss grilled cheese croutons into the mix! Get the recipe for this creative salad recipe here.

Apple Cranberry Coleslaw

Spring Salads to Serve with Steak

The addition of sweet cranberries and crunch cashews takes the traditional coleslaw salad to a whole new level. This salad recipe is the perfect pairing for a juicy burger or hot dog!

Simple Orzo Salad

Spring Salads to Serve with Steak

For a heartier side salad, treat your taste buds to this simple orzo salad, bold in color and packed with flavor! With only four ingredients, this salad recipe makes dinner easy.

Thai Cucumber Peanut Salad

Spring Salads to Serve with Steak

Fresh, crisp cucumbers soaked in a vinegar dressing makes for flavor infusion that will tickle your taste buds – the perfect side salad for your USDA prime steak!

Napa Asian Salad

Napa Asian SaladFor a light salad that packs a punch of both crunch and flavor, try our delicious Napa Asian Salad. It’s fresh flavor makes for a light yet satisfying pairing with a juicy steak.

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