Happy National Grilling Month! Celebrate With Some Tasty Pairings for Your Barbecued Meats

Get those fires started: July is National Grilling Month! With the warmest weather of the year, now is the time to head outside with your friends to enjoy the sun, some fresh air and a perfectly grilled meal. To help you celebrate our favorite holiday, we’ve gathered some sizzling barbecue party ideas from our friends at Celebrations.com. Here are a few of their oh-so-delicious pairings for the stars of the BBQ show: the meat! These recipes are so easy to make, you can whip them up in less time than it takes to ignite that gas grill.

Quickest Guacamole Recipe

Quickest Guacamole

Whether you’re barbecuing hot dogs, chicken or steaks, nothing complements a smoky grilled entrée quite like a side of fresh veggies. The smooth texture of avocado mixed with the zing of salsa will cool you off and wake up your senses so you can savor every flavor of your holiday meal.

Beer and Mustard Marinade Recipe

Beer and Mustard Marinade

No barbecue is complete without the crisp and refreshing taste of beer. This year, take National Grilling month as an opportunity to experiment with your favorite sunny-day beverage: Instead of drinking it, use it as a marinade! Perfect for heartier meats, like steaks and pork, this blend of beer and mustard combines your favorite summer flavors!

The Best Homemade Barbecue Sauce Recipe

Best Homemade Barbecue Sauce

We know how you love to enjoy your chicken and ribs on a sweltering summer day: hot off the grill, and dripping with sweet and tangy barbecue sauce! Push those bland, expensive store-bought brands aside and smother your food with homemade sauce instead. Like it spicy? Like it mild and laid-back? You can customize the taste so it can fit your party’s vibe!

Skinny Arnold Palmer Cocktail Recipe

Skinny Arnold Palmer Cocktail

When you’re done licking that ugh-mazing homemade barbecue sauce off your fingers, wash it all down with a thirst-quenching, heat-conquering drink. Stirring up an ice-cold glass of this popular summer cocktail is the best way to raise a toast to National Grilling month, the most delicious holiday of them all!

What will you be barbecuing in honor of National Grilling Month?

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