Home Run Recipes for Baseball Season

Batter up! Springtime means game time, and we’ve teamed up with the party MVPs at Celebrations.com to bring you these home run recipes for baseball season. America’s favorite pastime just got a whole lot tastier!

Grilled Cheese Burger

Grilled Cheese Burger

Grilled cheese or cheeseburger? If you can’t decide which side to root for when choosing your game day food, try this double-header burger. The combo of melted cheese, sourdough bread and a big, succulent beef patty brings together two of the best handheld sandwiches to ever hit the stands. No need to take sides: Everyone wins when it comes to this best-of-both-worlds recipe. If only we could say the same thing about the teams …

Transformed Piggy in a Blanket

Transformed Piggy in a Blanket

This recipe throws a curveball at everyone’s favorite ballpark snack. Juicy hot dogs are cut up into bite-sized pieces and wrapped up in puff pastry and mustard, transforming them into a perfectly poppable treat. Whether you’re munching on them while watching the game at the stadium or at home, this new twist on a classic baseball recipe will score major runs with you and all your friends.

Bacon Burger With Homemade Thousand Island Dressing

Bacon Burger With Homemade Thousand Island Dressing

It’s a sunny spring day, and you have your favorite team playing on the field and an ice-cold beer in your hands. What could make this day more perfect? One word: bacon. This bacon-wrapped burger topped with Thousand Island dressing lets you really savor your favorite warm-weather sport. There’s definitely no striking out with this all-star flavor lineup.

Mac and Cheese Topped Hot Dog

Mac and Cheese Topped Hot Dog

Sure, a plain old hot dog topped with ketchup or mustard makes a decent meal at the park. But sometimes you have to think outside the bullpen! Shake things up by topping your Chicago-style dog with smooth mac and cheese and crunchy breadcrumbs. Forget those frontrunners waiting in line at the concession stand; set yourself apart from the crowd with this totally unique recipe instead!

Crispy Onion Chipotle Burger

Crispy Onion Chipotle Burger

Wanna add a little oomph to your game? Spice up the run to home plate with this deliciously blazing burger. Stacked with sizzling layers of grilled beef, crispy onion rings, chipotle peppers and adobo sauce, it’s sure to fire up the excitement while you watch your favorite players hit the ball out of the park.

Which home run recipe will you be cooking up this baseball season?

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One Comment on “Home Run Recipes for Baseball Season”

  1. yourothermotherhere
    April 26, 2013 at 4:22 pm #

    I would love to eat each one! Great ideas!

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