Top 10 Winter Grilling Tips

Top 10 Tips for Winter Grilling

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but firing up the grill can still be delightful! You don’t have to pack up your BBQ tools just because there’s a chill in the air. Just follow these winter grilling tips and you’ll be ready to sear up some serious holiday eats, whatever the weather may be!

Go with the gas grill. It heats up faster and retains heat better than a charcoal grill, so you don’t have to turn into a chef-cicle waiting for those coals to burn in the extreme cold.

Check the gas tank. Make sure it’s filled and ready to go. You don’t want your grill abandoning you mid-sear, making you head to the store in treacherous conditions.

Be patient. Because of the cold, your grill is going to take a few extra minutes to heat up. Always make sure it’s reached the proper temperature before you start cooking up those Christmas steaks.

Stay safe. Keep your grill in a spot that’s easily accessible and protected from the elements, but make sure that spot is secure too. Don’t put your grill near or up against anything that’s flammable, like vinyl siding. Clear out any ice or snow on or around your grilling area so that you’re not slipping and sliding every time you check on your food.

Keep it outside. Never put your grill in an enclosed space. Grilling in a closed-up environment can produce deadly carbon monoxide fumes, so please don’t go inside … no matter how tempting your warm garage may be.

Plan ahead. Buy and marinate all of your meats and veggies ahead of time, and have all of your supplies handy. Don’t fumble around in the cold looking for tongs or barbecue sauce.

Stock up. When you fire up the grill, cook enough for the coming week. That way, you don’t have to make a chilly date with your barbie every time you want to enjoy grilled food.

Think thin. Small, slender cuts of meat and vegetables grill a lot faster than, say, a rack of baby back ribs. Quick-cooking foods will drastically cut down on your time spent outside.

Bundle up. Keep yourself toasty with a jacket and gloves that are easy to move around in, but ditch the scarf and any other cold-weather accessories that might dangle over the grill. You want to roast your food, not yourself!

Don’t open the lid. Checking on your food too often allows all that heat in your grill to escape into the cold air. Give your meal enough time to cook, and only take a peek when necessary. If you don’t want to second-guess yourself, use a meat thermometer to make sure the food is ready to go back inside your cozy house.

So go ahead, conquer the cold and show it who the grilling master really is!


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