Why You Need a Meat Thermometer

Yes, we know that for centuries and so on, people were doing just fine not knowing the exact temperature they were cooking at and were too busy trying to figure out how to hunt that boar that just ran past their living area. But we live in a time where cooking has become an art, and to get those perfect flavors and colorings, you need to know everything that you’re working with. Cooking thermometers take the guesswork out of cooking! They measure the internal temperature of your meat, to assure that a safe temperature has been reached, harmful bacteria have been destroyed, and your food is cook perfectly to how you want (I’m looking at you medium rare fans!). A cooking thermometer should be like our dominant hand when cooking, not just a “maybe I’ll use it this time” kind of kitchen gadget. 

Not only for steaks, you can use your thermometer for all kinds of food like poultry, breads, casseroles, and more. Just looking at your food and cutting into it occasionally is only being somewhat sure of what you’re doing. You could end up not realizing that the middle of your turkey is still frozen!

Not sure how to use it? Use this simple guide below (along with reading your directions of course).

  • First, don’t insert the thermometer touching a bone. Bones conduct heat faster and will give you a wrong temperature.
  • For Birds & Poultry, insert it in the inner thigh area near the breast.
  • Steaks, Chops & Ground Meat, insert in the thicket part away from fat.
  • Casseroles, insert in the center or thickest area.

Hurry and get yours today so you can start cooking like a pro!

Categories: Meat Guide, Prep & Cooking Instructions


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